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1. Christian Sinding Christian Sinding Soundtrack, Intermezzo: A Love Story 11 January 1856
2. Josephine Crowell Josephine Crowell Actress, The Birth of a Nation Josephine Crowell was a Canadian-born character actress. She appeared in vaudeville as early as 1879. On screen, she is best remembered for her dramatic portrayal of the mother in D.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation, her comedic performances in Harold Lloyd's Speedy and Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy's Wrong Again... 11 January 1859
3. Mévisto Mévisto Actor, Germinal; or, The Toll of Labor 11 January 1859
4. Tom Nawn Tom Nawn Actor, The General 11 January 1863
5. Thomas Dixon Jr. Thomas Dixon Jr. Writer, The Birth of a Nation 11 January 1864
6. Lily Dampier Lily Dampier Actress, The Bushranger's Bride 11 January 1868
7. Henry Wallace Phillips Henry Wallace Phillips Writer, The Fighting Gringo 11 January 1869
8. Alice Hegan Rice Alice Hegan Rice Writer, Sunshine Nan 11 January 1870
9. Joe Harris Joe Harris Actor, The Face Most Fair American Western actor of silent pictures. Born of Irish stock in Lewiston, Maine, USA, Harris became friends with Western star Harry Carey, for whom he worked as a hired hand and with whom he appeared in approximately twenty silent Westerns. Harris lived with Carey and his family for decades. He died in 1953, aged 82. 11 January 1870
10. Joe Harris Joe Harris Self, ...und noch frech dazu! 11 January 1870
11. Paul Graener Paul Graener Composer, Leier und Schwert 11 January 1872
12. David Hartford David Hartford Director, Back to God's Country 11 January 1873
13. Terezie Brzková Terezie Brzková Actress, Babicka 11 January 1875
14. Reinhold Glière Reinhold Glière Composer, Alisher Navoy 11 January 1875
15. Mien Braakensiek Mien Braakensiek Actress, Helleveeg 11 January 1875
16. Simo Kaario Simo Kaario Actor, Herra Lahtinen lähtee lipettiin 11 January 1876
17. Sam Harris Sam Harris Actor, The Spirit of Gallipoli 11 January 1877
18. George Majeroni George Majeroni Actor, My Lady Incog. 11 January 1877
19. Sydney Jarvis Sydney Jarvis Actor, Movie Crazy 11 January 1878
20. Bert Van Tuyle Bert Van Tuyle Director, Something New 11 January 1878
21. Elmer Harris Elmer Harris Writer, Johnny Belinda 11 January 1878
22. Elfie Fay Elfie Fay Actress, Business Worries 11 January 1879
23. Theodor Becker Theodor Becker Actor, Schatten einer Stunde 11 January 1880
24. D.H. Turner D.H. Turner Actor, Her American Prince 11 January 1880
25. J. Gordon Russell J. Gordon Russell Actor, Tumbleweeds 11 January 1883
26. Russell Gordon Russell Gordon Actor, The Night Riders 11 January 1883
27. Corinne Grant Corinne Grant Actress, The Lady of the Dugout 11 January 1884
28. Jack Hoxie Jack Hoxie Actor, The White Outlaw American cowboy star of silent films, Jack Hoxie was raised in the Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) and in Idaho, learning riding and roping at an early age. He became a popular and successful rodeo star, winning national championships. In 1914, after touring the U.S. in a Wild West show, he came to Hollywood and got work as a stuntman... 11 January 1885
29. Alice Paul Alice Paul 11 January 1885
30. Bill Dagwell Bill Dagwell Actor, King Kong 11 January 1885
31. William T. Dagwell William T. Dagwell Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Captain Blood 11 January 1885
32. George Zucco George Zucco Actor, Dead Men Walk At 22, George Zucco decided to begin his stage career in earnest in the Canadian provinces in 1908. In the course of the following decade, he also performed in an American vaudeville tour with his young wife, Frances, in a routine called "The Suffragette." As World War I grew in scale, Zucco returned to England to join the army... 11 January 1886
33. Chester Conklin Chester Conklin Actor, Modern Times Iowa-born Chester Conklin was raised in a coal-mining area by a devoutly religious father who hoped that his son would go into the ministry. However, Chester got the performing bug one day when he gave a recitation at a community singing festival and won first prize. Knowing his father would never approve of his desire to become a comedian... 11 January 1886
34. Warner Richmond Warner Richmond Actor, Child Bride Werner Paul Raetzmann was one of seven children born to a German-born father and Wisconsin-born mother. He and one brother decided to change their last name to Richmond. Living in rural Wisconsin, he became an expert horseman as a young man, and this skill would later earn him roles in western movies... 11 January 1886
35. Hamtree Harrington Hamtree Harrington Actor, The Devil's Daughter 11 January 1886
36. Saro Arcidiacono Saro Arcidiacono Actor, The Path of Hope Saro Arcidiacono, born Rosario Arcidiacono (Catania, 11 January 1886 - Catania, 1 January 1972), was an Italian actor. As the Savior's cousin essentially actor of prose, he has to his credit a few films, almost all made in Sicily and Calabria, and where he appears in well defined character roles. Take part in some television series... 11 January 1886
37. Langdon West Langdon West Director, The Life of Abraham Lincoln 11 January 1886
38. O.A.C. Lund O.A.C. Lund Director, Jacques the Wolf 11 January 1886
39. Monte Blue Monte Blue Actor, Key Largo Stalwart, durable Monte Blue, a romantic leading man of the silent days, was born January 11, 1887, as Gerard Monte Blue (some sources indicate 1890, but his mother's application for his admission to the Soldier's and Sailor's Orphan's Home lists his birth date as January 11, 1887). Various sources have reported his first name as George or Gerald... 11 January 1887
40. Robert Gleckler Robert Gleckler Actor, Great Guy 11 January 1887
41. William Schiller William Schiller Music Department, All Quiet on the Western Front 11 January 1887
42. Arthur Cunningham Arthur Cunningham Actor, Lulu's Lost Lotharios 11 January 1887
43. Juan Carlos Dávalos Juan Carlos Dávalos Writer, Güemes - la tierra en armas 11 January 1887
44. Orin S. Pinney Orin S. Pinney Art Department, Thin Ice 11 January 1887
45. Charles Previn Charles Previn Music Department, Shadow of a Doubt 11 January 1888
46. Jay Belasco Jay Belasco Actor, The Caravan 11 January 1888
47. Grace De Garro Grace De Garro Actress, Her Circus Knight 11 January 1888
48. Joseph B. Keenan Joseph B. Keenan 11 January 1888
49. Bill Boardway Bill Boardway Actor, His Unlucky Night 11 January 1889
50. George Greenbaum George Greenbaum Cinematographer, Die Filmkathi 11 January 1889
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