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51. Lisa Ann Hadley Lisa Ann Hadley Actress, General Hospital
52. Flora Cross Flora Cross Actress, Margot at the Wedding
53. Monte Blue Monte Blue Actor, Key Largo Stalwart, durable Monte Blue, a romantic leading man of the silent days, was born January 11, 1887, as Gerard Monte Blue (some sources indicate 1890, but his mother's application for his admission to the Soldier's and Sailor's Orphan's Home lists his birth date as January 11, 1887). Various sources have reported his first name as George or Gerald...
54. Clarence Clemons Clarence Clemons Actor, New York, New York
55. Wright King Wright King Actor, A Streetcar Named Desire Best known for his role in "Streetcar Named Desire" and for his two guest appearances on the original The Twilight Zone series, Wright King enjoyed a noteworthy career in numerous theatrical productions. He remained close friends with Eileen Heckart until her death in 2001. His son is actor Meegan King...
56. Chester Conklin Chester Conklin Actor, Modern Times Iowa-born Chester Conklin was raised in a coal-mining area by a devoutly religious father who hoped that his son would go into the ministry. However, Chester got the performing bug one day when he gave a recitation at a community singing festival and won first prize. Knowing his father would never approve of his desire to become a comedian...
57. Deanna Wright Deanna Wright Actress, Cruel Intentions 2
58. Melvyn Hayes Melvyn Hayes Actor, It Ain't Half Hot Mum
59. Peter Grosz Peter Grosz Actor, Veep
60. Sharon Brown Sharon Brown Actress, A Chorus Line
61. Ritz Azul Ritz Azul Actress, Misibis Bay
62. Albert Dupontel Albert Dupontel Actor, Irreversible
63. Murray Alper Murray Alper Actor, The Maltese Falcon Alper, a wonderful movie presence, played in numerous films as a cabbie, bookie, cop or GI. Although he never achieved star rating, he appeared with some of the screens biggest names. One of his last screen appearances was as a judo instructor in "The Nutty Professor" with Jerry Lewis.
64. Helga Anders Helga Anders Actress, Tätowierung
65. Diana Gabaldon Diana Gabaldon Writer, Outlander
66. Jerome Bixby Jerome Bixby Writer, The Man from Earth
67. Christian Jacobs Christian Jacobs Actor, Pretty in Pink The MC Bat Commander, fearless leader of The Aquabats, lead singer and all around swell guy has a penchant for saying the right thing at the right time to get the band motivated to action. Being the leader of a crack team of action commandos with a not-so-secret desire to be a popular rock band is not such an easy feat, but the Bat Commander seems to take it all in stride...
68. Naama Kates Naama Kates Actress, Chloe
69. Joel Zwick Joel Zwick Director, Full House
70. Anu Agrawal Anu Agrawal Actress, Aashiqui
71. Francesca Lo Schiavo Francesca Lo Schiavo Set Decorator, Shutter Island
72. Ryan Alosio Ryan Alosio Actor, I'm Dying Up Here Ryan Alosio, is an American actor who holds dual citizenship in both Ireland and the U.S. The son of an Irish mother and an Italian father. Alosio spent 11 years in various boarding schools, including 3 years in military academy. He graduated with honors from the Interlochen Arts Academy. Alosio also attended Northwestern University in Chicago...
73. Blake Heron Blake Heron Actor, 11:14 Blake Heron was born in Sherman Oaks, California on January 11, 1982. After his parents divorced, Blake moved with his mother to Atlanta, Georgia, then to New York, New York and then finally they resided in Burbank, California where Blake started his acting career. At the age of 13 he made his film-debut in the Disney film Tom and Huck...
74. Bernard Blier Bernard Blier Actor, The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe
75. Paulo Nigro Paulo Nigro Actor, Caminhos do Coração
76. Eri Fukatsu Eri Fukatsu Actress, Akunin
77. Armand Aucamp Armand Aucamp Actor, Chronicle Armand Aucamp is a South African TV, Film and Stage actor known for The Book of Negros (2014), Ballade vir 'n Enkeling(2015), Long Walk to Freedom (2013) and Sterlopers(2014-). Born in 1987, Armand was raised in Cape Town but resides in Johannesburg. He completed his training at City Varsity School of Media and Creative Arts in Cape Town in 2009 top of his class...
78. James Wheaton James Wheaton Actor, THX 1138 The eldest son of the Reverend James D. Wheaton, a Methodist minister and Jessie O. Holmes, the daughter of a Methodist minister, James Lorenzo Wheaton was born on 11 January 1924 in Meridian, Mississippi. As an infant the family moved to Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He attended public schools in Hattiesburg...
79. Ghita Nørby Ghita Nørby Actress, Stille hjerte
80. Sandali Sinha Sandali Sinha Actress, Pinjar
81. Jack Huang Jack Huang Stunts, The Dalhia Knights Starting martial arts training at age 5 in different styles of Kung Fu, then Judo, Karate, Tang Soo Do and boxing under several masters in his hometown (Tainan City, Taiwan), only for one single reason: to defend himself from the local bullies' attack. In 1982 he was the all Taiwan Teenage Nunchaku Champ...
82. Kristolyn Lloyd Kristolyn Lloyd Actress, The Bold and the Beautiful Born and raised in a suburb outside of Houston Texas, Kristolyn graduated from Klein High school where she ran track and was an active member of the Drama Dept. She studied at Carnegie Mellon University where she received her Bachelor's Degree in Drama. She is the youngest of three. Sister of Markus Lloyd and Jeremy Lloyd and her parents are Kenneth and Lillie Lloyd.
83. Sandra Peabody Sandra Peabody Actress, The Last House on the Left Sandra Peabody was born on January 11, 1948 in Portland, Oregon. Sandra graduated from the Neighborhood Playhouse, attended Carnegie-Mellon University, and studied acting with Meisner. Sandra starred in a handful of exploitation films from the early to mid 1970s. She is best known for her role as Mari Collingwood in Wes Craven's controversial film The Last House on the Left...
84. David Benson David Benson Actor, Blade Runner 2049
85. James Merendino James Merendino Director, SLC Punk! Born in Rome, Italy, James Antonioni Merendino moved to the United States when he was six years old, where he lived first in New York City and then Salt Lake City. His father, a Doctor, his mother coming from an Italian film family, James was encouraged to pursue the trade of his mother's family. At 16 he returned to Rome to study Theology and Philosophy...
86. Peter Baldwin Peter Baldwin Director, Carter Country
87. E.B. Hughes E.B. Hughes Producer, Turnabout E.B. was born and raised in South Jersey. His influences are his friends Paul Chart ("American Perfekt"), Jerry Schatzberg ("Scarecrow, Panic in Needle Park), Charles Burnett ("Killer of Sheep") and David Burton Morris ("Patti Rocks"). His favorite film director of all time is John Cassavetes. His screenplay for "The Fallen Faithful" won Best Screenplay at the 2011 Beverly Hills Film Festival.
88. Luna Schweiger Luna Schweiger Actress, Phantomschmerz
89. Oshri Cohen Oshri Cohen Actor, Lebanon
90. Malcolm Terris Malcolm Terris Actor, The Great Train Robbery
91. Sarah Bazler Sarah Bazler Actress, 13 Stories TV Originals
92. Vicky Peña Vicky Peña Actress, Secrets of the Heart
93. Fernando Di Leo Fernando Di Leo Writer, Caliber 9
94. Stan Ivar Stan Ivar Actor, General Hospital
95. Sam Harris Sam Harris Actor, The Spirit of Gallipoli
96. Sierra Jade Gerban Sierra Jade Gerban Actress, Adventures in Appletown Sierra Jade Gerban has been working as a professional actor since the age of 5. At the age of 8 she booked her first film, "The Kings of Appletown". Starring Dylan and Cole Sprouse, "Suite Life on Deck" and starring Victoria Justice, "Victorious." Sierra plays Faith Ramos, Victoria Justice's little sister. The film was also directed by Academy Award Winning Bobby Moresco...
97. Sven Wollter Sven Wollter Actor, The 13th Warrior
98. Aglaia Szyszkowitz Aglaia Szyszkowitz Actress, Das Sams
99. Shelley Sweeney Shelley Sweeney Actress, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II Shelley's career in Japan began serendipitously. Before studying at the prestigious Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London, she came to Japan on a modeling contract and never looked back. She's acted in countless movies and television shows in Japan, the U.S. and Canada as well as done extensive modeling and voice acting delivered across the globe.
100. Kristen Zaik Kristen Zaik Producer, Cruelty Kristen Zaik was born in Massachusetts. She was raised in Palmer, MA, and attended Palmer High School. In 2000 she moved to Boston and earned her degree from the University of Massachusetts, before relocating to Los Angeles in 2003 to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. In 2007 she and a partner founded the independent film production company Sixunder7 Films...
51-100 of 989 names.