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1. Lily Dampier Lily Dampier Actress, The Bushranger's Bride 6 February 1915
2. George Majeroni George Majeroni Actor, My Lady Incog. 5 August 1924
3. Mévisto Mévisto Actor, Germinal; or, The Toll of Labor 4 January 1927
4. Elfie Fay Elfie Fay Actress, Business Worries 16 September 1927
5. Henry Wallace Phillips Henry Wallace Phillips Writer, The Fighting Gringo 24 May 1930
6. Josephine Crowell Josephine Crowell Actress, The Birth of a Nation Josephine Crowell was a Canadian-born character actress. She appeared in vaudeville as early as 1879. On screen, she is best remembered for her dramatic portrayal of the mother in D.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation, her comedic performances in Harold Lloyd's Speedy and Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy's Wrong Again... 27 July 1932
7. David Hartford David Hartford Director, Back to God's Country 30 October 1932
8. J. Gordon Russell J. Gordon Russell Actor, Tumbleweeds 21 April 1935
9. Russell Gordon Russell Gordon Actor, The Night Riders 21 April 1935
10. Loo Hardy Loo Hardy Actress, Gelbstern 23 April 1938
11. Dorothy Hale Dorothy Hale Actress, The Rise of Catherine the Great Dorothy Hale was born Dorothy Donovan in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At the age of sixteen, She was sent to a convent. Then she attended a drama school. She was a good friend of Claire Booth Luce and even starred in a theatre production called "Abide By Me." Dorothy was known for her incredible beauty and charm... 21 October 1938
12. Robert Gleckler Robert Gleckler Actor, Great Guy 25 February 1939
13. Sydney Jarvis Sydney Jarvis Actor, Movie Crazy 6 June 1939
14. József Sziklay József Sziklay Actor, Filléres gyors 30 December 1940
15. Kaarlo Oksanen Kaarlo Oksanen Actor, Laulu tulipunaisesta kukasta 14 October 1941
16. Christian Sinding Christian Sinding Soundtrack, Intermezzo: A Love Story 3 December 1941
17. Alice Hegan Rice Alice Hegan Rice Writer, Sunshine Nan 10 February 1942
18. Thornton Bassett Thornton Bassett Actor, The Advantages of Paternity 3 February 1943
19. Wladyslaw Bugayski-Prus Wladyslaw Bugayski-Prus Writer, Zamarle echo 20 February 1943
20. Ethel Loreen Greer Ethel Loreen Greer Actress, Road to Zanzibar 14 November 1943
21. Ray Hallor Ray Hallor Actor, Driven from Home 16 April 1944
22. Simo Kaario Simo Kaario Actor, Herra Lahtinen lähtee lipettiin 2 May 1944
23. Mien Braakensiek Mien Braakensiek Actress, Helleveeg 7 June 1944
24. George Houston George Houston Actor, Wallaby Jim of the Islands This movie cowboy was actually born in New Jersey just before the turn of the 20th century, the son of a Protestant minister. He sang in his father's church choir, and after graduating high school he attended the private Blair Academy and then continued his musical training at New York's famous Julliard School (then known as the Institute of Musical Arts)... 12 November 1944
25. Paul Graener Paul Graener Composer, Leier und Schwert 13 November 1944
26. Otto Benninger Otto Benninger Actor, Almost a Hero 3 March 1946
27. Thomas Dixon Jr. Thomas Dixon Jr. Writer, The Birth of a Nation 3 April 1946
28. Langdon West Langdon West Director, The Life of Abraham Lincoln 23 July 1947
29. D.H. Turner D.H. Turner Actor, Her American Prince 18 August 1947
30. Grace De Garro Grace De Garro Actress, Her Circus Knight 5 March 1948
31. Warner Richmond Warner Richmond Actor, Child Bride Werner Paul Raetzmann was one of seven children born to a German-born father and Wisconsin-born mother. He and one brother decided to change their last name to Richmond. Living in rural Wisconsin, he became an expert horseman as a young man, and this skill would later earn him roles in western movies... 19 June 1948
32. Tom Nawn Tom Nawn Actor, The General 8 February 1949
33. Jay Belasco Jay Belasco Actor, The Caravan 1 May 1949
34. Bud Scott Bud Scott Actor, New Orleans 2 July 1949
35. Lloyd French Lloyd French Director, Busy Bodies Writer/Director Lloyd French list of credits include the first and last Laurel & Hardy comedy. He began working for Hal Roach in 1919 before joining Warner Brothers in 1933. As head of WB's comedy department, French would work on some 240 comedies and musicals in just under a ten year span. Lloyd French was the son of California natives... 24 May 1950
36. Bert Van Tuyle Bert Van Tuyle Director, Something New 13 June 1951
37. Theodor Becker Theodor Becker Actor, Schatten einer Stunde 26 June 1952
38. Joe Harris Joe Harris Actor, The Face Most Fair American Western actor of silent pictures. Born of Irish stock in Lewiston, Maine, USA, Harris became friends with Western star Harry Carey, for whom he worked as a hired hand and with whom he appeared in approximately twenty silent Westerns. Harris lived with Carey and his family for decades. He died in 1953, aged 82. 11 June 1953
39. Joe Harris Joe Harris Self, ...und noch frech dazu! 11 June 1953
40. Orin S. Pinney Orin S. Pinney Art Department, Thin Ice 26 October 1953
41. Hamtree Harrington Hamtree Harrington Actor, The Devil's Daughter June 1954
42. Oswald de Andrade Oswald de Andrade Writer, Miramar 22 October 1954
43. Mrs. Otis Banks Mrs. Otis Banks Actress, Injustice 30 October 1954
44. Joseph B. Keenan Joseph B. Keenan 8 December 1954
45. Abigail Adams Abigail Adams Actress, Colorado Serenade 13 February 1955
46. Arthur Cunningham Arthur Cunningham Actor, Lulu's Lost Lotharios 29 November 1955
47. Reinhold Glière Reinhold Glière Composer, Alisher Navoy 23 June 1956
48. Saverio Patrizi Saverio Patrizi Self, Spedizione Franchetti nella Dancalia 21 January 1957
49. Art Wilson Art Wilson Sound Department, Queen Christina 24 April 1958
50. Julka Staric Julka Staric Actress, Trenutki odlocitve 24 January 1959
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